Update z 5.100.22 na 5.110.15

Cele znenie updatu:

Thank you for using our gateway! Be sure to update to the latest version to enjoy new features and improvements.Thank you for using our gateway! Be sure to update to the latest version to enjoy new features and improvements.

Main features:

1. System supports adding of the Nice, Elero and Z-Wave devices from mobile application
Additionally new Z-wave devices adding procedure in webUI is introduced.

2. Introduced new way of controlling devices using dialogs on Favorites screen in mobile application

3. New Scenes category called "Scenarios" for easy control of shutters and blinds according to sunset and sunrise triggers
Possibility to configure "morning" and "evening" scenarios with few clicks.System supports altering configuration of those Scenarios via mobile application.

4. Zigbee protocol support (Home Center 3)*
First public beta version of Zigbee protocol support now available for tests purpose on HC3. Support for limited types of devices with focus on lighting

Important: Philips TV and Samsung Smart Appliance plugins are no longer supported and have been removed

What's new:

Alarm Added checking sensors status before arming the alarm
Dashboard Added translations for thermostat modes on dashboard tiles and sidebar
Added possibility to open device settings directly from device tile
Improved styling of units for sensors on dashboard and sidebar
Changed icon for opening sidebar from device tile
Added logs on device tiles related to transmitting commands for Nice and Elero devices
Devices Updated parameters template for Nice BiDi-Shutter and Nice BiDi-Awning
Added support for Eurotronic Air Quality Sensor
Improved handling of long operations for Color Controllers and Multilevel Switches.** Added support for new revisions of Fibaro devices
Default configuration for RGBW441 set as RGBW after adding device to the system
Added rounding for virtual power consumption values
Added support for Donexon thermostatic valve.** Custom parameters for Z-Wave devices sorted by ID
Support for MCO ZW700 series devices
Improved handling of hold actions on sidebar buttons for shutters and venetian blinds
Elero* Improvements for pairing process
Improved polling mechanism for Elero devices
Improvements for pairing process
Improved support for Elero Dimmer
Modified descriptions for pairing process  Added possibility to pair unknown device type to the system
Energy Warning about unsaved changes in Panel Settings
Added support for declaring fixed cost for a period
General Optimized calculation of sunrise/sunset time
Network Improved changing network settings between DHCP and Static
Nice* Added possibility to Read, Set default and Reset all parameters in devices settings
Changed default role for mono-directional devices from remotes to Blinds/Gates
Added requesting current parameters values during pairing process
Added possibility to configure and use favourite position for mono-directional devices
New styling for Nice devices pairing process
Improvements in protocol auto-detection function
Improved support of BiDi-Shutter and BiDi-Awning devices
Added possibility to calibrate BiDi-Shutter and BiDi-Awning devices from settings
Added notification about issues during device configuration after paring
Added displaying favorite positions states on BiDi devices

Other Improved auto-logging feature
Plugins Thermostat & Heating Zone plugin optimization
Added possibility to set the URL manually for Dahua plugin
Reorganisation of plugins categories
Profiles Support for new "Scenarios" in profiles
Quick Apps Changed function calling format (backwards compatible). Changed auto-complete function for new function format in Lua
Added possibility to edit "secret" variable in QuickApps
Scenes Changed functions calling format (backwards compatible). Changed auto-complete function for new functions format in Lua
Added icons for group actions
Changed font color in dark-mode of Lua editor
Added possibility to enable or disable the scene from edit window
Update Added reconfiguration button for device after successful update.** Z-Wave devices update process improvements
Z-Wave Improved handing of communication errors
Optimized service start-up
Updated certified Z-Wave manufacturers list in Z-Wave engines
Improvements for Z-Wave database size management.** Bug fixes: Alarm Unnecessary notification about wrong pin when trying to disarm the system
Cameras Inactive camera preview tab after saving device settings
Dashboard No automatic refresh of color components on device sidebar.** Missing polish translations for states of simple shutter
No automatic refresh of power consumption on devices sidebar
Fixed issue with displaying states for shutters on devices sidebar
Devices Missing barrier role for simple shutter device type
Issue with adding Fibaro devices (Wall Plug UK, Smart Module, BiDi-ZWave) in Security Mode
Rejected association settings visible on the list until page refresh.** Power graphs in advanced tab do not scale when zooming
Uploading custom icon for Fibaro CO Sensor not possible
Cannot change parameters in Z-Wave devices if "use template for parameters" is disabled
Issue with opening 1P Smart Meter Qubino configuration.**  Incorrect devices grouping on settings page for QuickApps and Linked Devices
Additional not applicable icons for devices
Redundant device roles for Walli Roller Shutter and Roller Shutter 3
Inputs state for Smart Implant not reported correctly.** Devices added via Smart Start are not visible in the system until reboot.** Protection settings for Z-Wave devices fixed
Issues with thermostats support when using climate panel.** Diagnostics Issue with starting reconfiguration from Z-Wave tab.** CPU graphs issues
Elero* Wrong device configuration if timeout occurred during binding procedure
Issues with controlling devices after update from 507225 beta
Energy Wrong rounding of percentage consumption on Savings tab
Production devices listed on Top consuming devices and on devices list on Savings tab
Excluding production devices from the Energy Panel does not work
Gateway Connection Changing Fan Mode for thermostats from slave gateway is not possible
General Home location settings change does not alter sunrise/sunset calculation
Location map does not show if longitude/latitude is out of range
History Device icon does not correspond with the state from history
Network No information about possible connection loss after changing network settings
Internet connection status is not stable
Nice* Not migrated device roles for Nice Mono devices added in the system on 5080
Nice Mono devices added on 5080 lost the icons after updating to 5100
Issue with pairing some Nice Mono devices
Not migrated device roles for Nice Mono devices added in the system on 5080
Notifications Devices icons in wrong states on notifications list
Non-admin user cannot remove notifications
Other Additional credentials popup during log-in in some cases
Text in reboot modal not centered on Safari browser
Rejecting custom icons upload if file extension is in uppercase
Issue with booting up the hub after update to 5101 Beta
Nice and Elero devices not counted in number of devices in backup
Plugins Removed additional button on sidebar for Fibaro Intercom
Impossible to configure EnvisaLink plugin
Profiles Using Walli devices ring actions causes system crash
Quick Apps Partially white background in mobile view in dark style
Fixed visibility for functions declarations
Scenes Scene does not start in specific configuration when trigger is used in few scenes
Differences between calls in Scenes and QuickApps
Fixed visibility for functions declarations in Lua code
Update No translations of errors for devices update service.** Known issues: Nice* After adding Nice device page refresh is required
Z-Wave Engine 30 Some Z-Wave devices are not fully compatible with the new version of Z-Wave engine
Gateway connection is not available in the new Z-Wave engine version
*  - does not apply to HC3L (Home Center 3 Lite)** - applies only to Z-Wave Engine 30